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Tokyo PR Woman (2015)

Tokyo PR Woman (2015)

Rena Misaki works at a bank. She lacks self-confidence. Because of a reason, she begins working for a PR company and her boss is Kusakabe. As she struggles to work under her new boss, Rena Misaki grows as a person.

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Mizuki Yamamoto Mizuki Yamamoto
as Rena Misaki
Yusuke Yamamoto Yusuke Yamamoto
as Ryohei Kusakabe
Renn Kiriyama Renn Kiriyama
as Shingo Muto
Masahiro Inoue Masahiro Inoue
as Keita Nishijima
Arisa Sato Arisa Sato
as Miharu Kurita
Ikumi Hisamatsu Ikumi Hisamatsu
as Saki Mitamura
Rikako Sakata Rikako Sakata
as Junko Kamoshita
Masato Uchiyama Masato Uchiyama
as Nishida
Takayuki Hirata Takayuki Hirata
as Mizutani
Takafumi Murakami Takafumi Murakami
as Kuwashima
Takashi Kitadai Takashi Kitadai
as Asai
Yoichi Kuwahara Yoichi Kuwahara
as Watanabe
LiLiCo LiLiCo
as herself
Yoshihiko Hakamada Yoshihiko Hakamada
as Shinichirou Sudou
Kôsuke Suzuki Kôsuke Suzuki
Makoto Hayashi Makoto Hayashi
Junya Kato Junya Kato