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Dissonance (2015)

Dissonance (2015)

A pianist plays in a huge theatre on a cylindrical piano, which is rotated by his dwarf assistant. The theatre is part of a huge, spherical city. Upon waking, he turns out to be a street musician, who has a restraining order, but wants to teach his daughter how to play the piano.

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  • Lyman Lipps says :

    thanks a lot sooooo much for uploading this!!!!!

  • Stanley Stahl says :

    A little slow initially but well worth the watch.

  • Krystle Keesling says :

    A little bit slow initially but worth the watch.

Mirko Thiele Mirko Thiele
as Narrator (German)
Leslie Barany Leslie Barany
as Narrator (English)
Roland Schupp Roland Schupp
as Pianist
Hannah Heine Hannah Heine
as Daughter
Nina Petri Nina Petri
as Mother
Klaus Zehrfeld Klaus Zehrfeld
as Doctor
Till Nowak Till Nowak
Olaf Taranczewski Olaf Taranczewski
Frank Zebran Frank Zebran
Till Nowak Till Nowak
Till Nowak Till Nowak
Visual Effects
Visual Effects
Till Nowak Till Nowak
Till Nowak Till Nowak
Visual Effects
Till Nowak Till Nowak