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A Perfect Man (2015)

A Perfect Man (2015)

A struggling writer finds a shortcut to fame, but a blackmailer threatens to ruin his perfect life.

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Pierre Niney Pierre Niney
as Mathieu
Ana Girardot Ana Girardot
as Alice Fursac
André Marcon André Marcon
as Alain Fursac
Valéria Cavalli Valéria Cavalli
as Hélène Fursac
Thibault Vinçon Thibault Vinçon
as Stanislas Richer
Marc Barbé Marc Barbé
as Vincent
Sacha Mijovic Sacha Mijovic
as Franck
Eric Savin Eric Savin
as Gendarme
Luc Antoni Luc Antoni
as Agent immobilier
Soria Moufakkir Soria Moufakkir
as La libraire
Olivier Antoine Olivier Antoine
as Policier hôpital
Frédéric Pellegeay Frédéric Pellegeay
as Journaliste 1
Karina Beuthe Karina Beuthe
as Mylène Andreotty
François Rabette François Rabette
as Journaliste 2
Serge Grünberg Serge Grünberg
as Le modérateur
Ludovic Berthillot Ludovic Berthillot
as Le patron des déménageurs
Michel Houellebecq Michel Houellebecq
as Himself
Yann Moix Yann Moix
as Himself
Romain Gary Romain Gary
as Himself
Véronique Delclos Véronique Delclos
Yann Gozlan Yann Gozlan
Yann Gozlan Yann Gozlan
Wassim Béji Wassim Béji
Thibault Gast Thibault Gast
Oury Milshtein Oury Milshtein
Executive Producer
Cyrille Aufort Cyrille Aufort
Grégoire Sivan Grégoire Sivan
Bruno Via Bruno Via
Art Direction
Matthias Weber Matthias Weber
Antoine Roch Antoine Roch
Director of Photography
Guillaume Lemans Guillaume Lemans

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