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A Hard Day (2014)

A Hard Day (2014)

On the way to his mother’s funeral, a detective accidentally hits a person with his car. He takes the body with him and puts it into his mother’s coffin. The moment he feels relieved, he receives a call. This caller insists that he saw the detective’s hit-and-run, but instead of asking for money, he wants to know about the body’s whereabouts, leading to a do-or-die showdown of the witness and detective.

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  • Oliver Omar says :

    I reckon that for such a movie you must appreciate the visual effects

  • Isaac Ishibashi says :

    We interested in this all over! *_* Thanks so much~!

  • Brooks Buffum says :

    A tiny bit slow at the start but definitely worth the watch.

  • Gilberto Grice says :

    I think that for this specific movie you want to appreciate the visual effects

  • Herschel Herzberg says :

    god bless u, i will finally watch this movie

  • Pa Parenti says :

    I merely watched the trailer of your movie, and it looks like an exilerating movie. Thanks much for posting!

Lee Sun-kyun Lee Sun-kyun
as Go Gun-su
Cho Jin-woong Cho Jin-woong
as Park Chang-min
Shin Jung-geun Shin Jung-geun
as Chief of homicide
Jeong Man-sik Jeong Man-sik
as Detective Choi
Shin Dong-mi Shin Dong-mi
as Younger sister
Kim Dong-young Kim Dong-young
as Detective Doh
Heo Jung-Eun Heo Jung-Eun
as Min-A
Park Bo-Gum Park Bo-Gum
as Officer Lee Jin-ho
Lee Ji-hoon Lee Ji-hoon
as police officer of weapon/chemistry storage
Kim Seong-hun Kim Seong-hun
Lee Hae-jun Lee Hae-jun
Billy Acumen Billy Acumen
Ji-Hyun Cha Ji-Hyun Cha
Dong-Yoon Lee Dong-Yoon Lee
Jeong-hun You Jeong-hun You
Executive Producer
Changju Kim Changju Kim
Jeong Jaehoon Jeong Jaehoon
Visual Effects
Visual Effects Supervisor
Junhoi Kim Junhoi Kim
Visual Effects
Visual Effects
Kim Seong-hun Kim Seong-hun
Young-Jin Mok Young-Jin Mok
Original Music Composer
Kim Tae-sung Kim Tae-sung
Director of Photography
Jang Hang-jun Jang Hang-jun